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These are commission rules for DeviantArt points commissions that are on my profile page.

If you want to commission me something, first follow all of these rules then pick what type of commissioned artwork you want on my profile page, then message me and I'll maybe accept it.


Pixel Rose Bullet - Turquoise by starlightdreamspirit Commission requirements! One, you need to +fav several of my deviations, second, you have to Added to my devWatch! me, and finally, you have to be well acquainted with me. Simply saying hello and introducing yourself would be acceptable.  

Pixel Rose Bullet - Red by starlightdreamspirit If the character belongs to someone or a company, I would rightfully credit them. I would never sell commissioned art, or even my own art (a majority of my art are fanart) in any commercial ways unless I obtained permission. If the piece was supposed to be a Pixel: Gift of some sort, then ask me about it, send it right? Oops! 

I would never accept a commission from someone who would use my commissioned art for commercial reasons. Stare  I do commissions for love and fun. =P (Razz)  

If the commission involves an original character of yours, I would rightfully credit you and you can ask me to not post it publically, and I would send you the final result of the piece privately. If it was fanart, I would post it no matter what unless you give me a reasonable reason to not post it. Grump  

Pixel Rose Bullet - Bronze by starlightdreamspirit Prices range from 500 Points to possibly over 2,000 Points, I don't want it to go even more expensive, so it should be affordable to most people. I only accept Points, not actual money. If you think the commission was a mistake, I would send back your Points.

Do not ask me to haggle down the price. The price is the price and I would delete your message right away. If you can't afford any of it, WAIT! I'd be thinking about future special commissions, but not right now Bored.

Pixel Rose Bullet - Green by starlightdreamspirit Once in a while (maybe Giggle ), I would open up free commissions if I had to for some reason, otherwise, why am I even making this an optional rule? Maybe 3 available free commission slots for a limited time? Several days? Weeks? I think I should put one up sooner or later? Suggestions? :o (Eek) 

I might as well think about what would be with this 'free commission' gimmicky thing. If there are no free commissions available, do NOT beg me for one. I think I've fainted. 

Pixel Rose Bullet - Purple by starlightdreamspirit When it comes to what type of stuff I am able to draw, it usually is about simple things like ordinary body poses and effects. What I couldn't draw are mecha and complex things other than that. I do NOT want to draw shipping, gore, NSFW, or fetish art, anything vulgar from a single request Disbelief.  So please think well about your commission. You can find this information on my profile page.

When it comes to complex-type, it usually takes me loads of time, so don't expect me to finish your commission by 5 days. I have school and other work to do first. Those type of commissions should be the ones that I usually enjoy- it builds exercise to paint more difficult things and it also costs a lot of Points.

Please, please, please send in SFW-type commissions, I do not need NSFW-type stuff to make unless it's something personal for myself that isn't commission-related (winks slowly). Meow :3 

Pixel Rose Bullet - Lavender by starlightdreamspirit When you do want to commission me after you do the usual 'commission widget sign-up' thing that I have little knowledge of CURSE YOU!, please further communicate with me in Notes. I want to show progress on the commission to see if you would like it or not and any changes to add. I'm not that good at waiting, so if you hadn't responded to me in days, I would probably leave it off until you respond. Time limit might be 1 week, if I am midway through the artwork, I'll continue it still without further talking.

But anyways, if you commission me something, be sure to stay active. Yawn 

Pixel Rose Bullet - White by starlightdreamspirit  Please be very detailed and constructive with your commission message and please provide a neat and understandable reference to the character you want me to draw. If it is a character that I do not know, I would possibly delete the message. I do not like vulgar language being used in those messages, so please be clean. :| (Blank Stare) 

Also, please provide what position the character is in and what type of background. I need details, details! Nuu 

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